HMSS Workshop Binders 2022

Homeschool Mom Summer Summit is amazing and includes over 100 workshops! That's a lot to manage and keep up with. While it's truly awesome, it can be overwhelming. Where do you start? Which ones should you watch first? If you learn something new from a workshop or like the speaker, you usually have to jot it down in a notebook or sticky.

Not anymore.

Enter the HMSS Workshop Binders.

With these binders you can manage all the workshops, know when you'll watch with a planning schedule, write down notes, include speaker info, and even write down your key takeaways, your next steps (take action), and what you want to explore further or look into more about the workshop topic.

The 3 Workshop Binders:

Here are the following 3 binders you get inside!

HMSS Workshop Binder - Printable Version

You can download and print out this version. Put into 3-ring binder or make your own notebook.

HMSS Workshop Binder - Digital Version (Google Sheets)

You can manage your workshops via the Google Sheets Version, and if you wanted to, even download it to the Excel version. Manage across all your devices - on your computer, or your tablet or iPad, and on your phone!

HMSS Workshop Binder - Trello (Online Version)

You can manage your workshops with Trello, an online management system. Manage on all your devices too - through your computer, tablet or iPad, and on your phone!


In these digital and Trello versions, you will have a complete, detailed list of ALL the workshops included in the Homeschool Mom Summer Summit! Along with LINKS to get to the Members Area for the workshops! Forever!

Just click the Buy Now button to get workshop-ready! Don't feel overwhelmed anymore!

Buy it at $14 right now (original price $57) and save 75%!

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Download Your 3 HMSS Workshop Binders

Here, you'll access all 3 binders.

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